How To Dog Proof Your Fence

It’s pretty discouraging to put the time and resources into beautiful fencing just to have your dog dig under or hop over it. After all the construction is finished, it’d be nice not having to worry about your pup while you’re at work. But lo and behold, your dog is a K9 Einstein, and it’s going to take some more crafty ingenuity to secure your dog and some peace of mind while you’re away.

An obvious fix to your fencing issue is to construct an entertaining yard setting that distracts your dog from what’s going on “out there.” But for those who have aesthetically pleasing yards and don’t want elaborate doggie obstacle courses and play areas, here are some pointers to make that fence more encompassing:

The Jumper
Some dogs are fearless super athletes that are willing to take that leap while other dogs are able to climb along different fencing designs to get over the top. In some rare instances, you find those genius dogs who move things in place to get over.

Solution:  If your dog fits the super jumper mold, it is simple, go with a tall fence design. But if your dog is a climber, there are a few solutions: a) have the cross beams of the fence outward facing, or b) install plywood or some flat-surfaced material to eliminate any climbable ridges. For the utility dog, you can either eliminate the number of utensils at their disposal, or, design an uneven surface around the fence to make it difficult to place their escape instruments.

The Digger
The more popular and storied means of doggie escape: The Digger. Whether it is to escape the yard or for fun, most dogs love digging. Now there are plenty of methods to train your dogs not to dig, but when it comes to escape, those resources are useless.

Solution: There are a few solutions to prevent your dog from digging under your fence. The cheapest fix is burying chicken wire underneath. If you want to consider a more aesthetic approach, river rock, brick, or stone slab bordering the fence is an excellent deterrent for diggers. If you don’t want to disrupt the layout of your yard, or deal with laying and having to remove chicken wire, cement curbs directly under the fence are a popular choice if you’re willing to spend some extra cash.

Filling Those Gaps
If you have an old fence, be sure to perform necessary maintenance and repair any holes or other opportunities for your dog to escape. If you have a fence design that allows dogs to peer out, or if there are gaps between gates or houses, make sure they are doggie proof. It is always a good idea to go with a solid fence design to keep your dog’s curiosity refined to what’s in the yard.

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