Pressure Treated Pine Options for Fences

If you are interested in having a fence installed by a local fence contractor then you may have to decide which pressure treated pine best suits your yard. The two types of pressure treated pines that we are going to discuss are Red Pine and Southern Yellow.  While price and appearance are almost identical, each pine brings different qualities and benefits to the table when building out your fence.

Red Pressure Treated Pine

If your yard is exposed to direct sunlight for the majority of the day then red pine is your best option.  While it may be difficult for many homeowners to source Red Pine a quality fence contractor can find it from their wholesaler. A downside to using Red pressure treated pine is that it doesn’t hold up well in damp conditions with foliage build up and has a tendency to rot quickly.  Secondly, the Red Pine does not come with a warranty that protects against termite damage or rot.  This leaves the homeowner responsible for any fence slat replacement.

Southern Yellow Pressure Treated Pine

If your yard has a good combination of some sunlight and moist leaf build up then Souther Yellow Pine is your best option.  While Southern Yellow doesn’t hold up as well as Red Pressure Treated Pine in direct sunlight it provides immense protection against moisture and termite damage.  Additionally, it comes with a 15-year warranty from the manufacturer that protects you for 15 years against rot and termite damage. Southern Yellow is also extremely available to homeowners direct from your big box stores such as Lowes and Home Depot and carry some of the universal name-brands Yellawood, Universal, Pro Wood.

Fence Maintenance

Red and yellow pine should also be stained after the fence acclimates to the environment after installation.  This process allows the fence to dry out from the manufacturing stage and allows the wood stain to penetrate fully.

Fence Company Professionals

Better Decks and Fences has over 20 years of fence installation experience and are extremely knowledgeable with the product set that we work with. If you are ready for a free fence consultation and estimate please call our office at 770-923-8837.  During our site visit, we will discuss with you the best product and layout for your fence installation. In this particular blog, we have discussed the differences in pine, but we also carry and install cedar fences which are the most durable of all fence materials.  While cedar is extremely durable it comes with a hefty price tag, but you can save in the long run with its durability. Better Decks and Fences also offers multiple product offerings for one installation.  We will work directly with our clients and discuss if a particular product will last longer on this side of the yards and build a custom fence solution that best suits your needs. Hire the top rated fence company in the Metro Atlanta area to make your fence a dream come true.