Top 3 Fencing Materials

There are all sorts of purposes for installing fencing. Most fences are installed as an added security measure to protect the belongings of home and property owners. For some, a tall fence is preferred for privacy while others simply need to fence in their pets. What shouldn’t get lost in the process of deciding on a fence is the aesthetic value. Today, the number of styles and materials available for fencing is unparalleled. With so many options to choose from, finding that perfect match has never been easier.

Here are 3 of the top fencing materials available:

1. Metal & Aluminum Fencing
One of the more stylish fencing materials on the market today. Metal/Aluminum  allows for numerous design patterns to further customize your property. Furthermore, the strength and durability of the fencing is second to none.Previously used Wrought iron fencing, is expensive, custom made, and requires sanding and painting every two to three years, but aluminum and metal have made this style and look way more affordable.
2. Wood Fencing
Nothing beats a classic, and when it comes to wood fencing, its versatility is second to none. Wood fencing is a popular choice amongst homeowners, and allows multiple options in design, height, color, price, materials and strength. Of course, the higher and longer the fence, the greater the price, but conservative construction rarely breaks the bank with the cost of materials. Also, the choice of wood takes a toll on the price, but high quality wood can last a lifetime if cared for properly.
3. Chain Link Fencing
There is a reason you see chain link fencing everywhere, because it is cheap, durable, and a great deterrent for intruders. If you are looking for more privacy, there are some options for a chain link fence. You can always plant shrubs or grow vines on them, or, privacy slates can be installed within the chain links. Though privacy slates aren’t very aesthetically pleasing, a little creativity with some shrubbery can go a long way